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A New Year, a New Name…



I’ve been so excited to share the news…

Taylor J Photography is now Taylor Kaderly Photography!

When I first started this business I was a young 16 year old without any big dreams, other than a desire to pursue an art form she loved (and become a dolphin trainer at Sea World, but that’s another story ;), God’s plans are ALWAYS more fulfilling than we can imagine!). Seven years into this crazy adventure and capturing love as a professional wedding photographer has become my passion and my full-time career.

Seven years in business has taught me a lot — besides developing my skills as a photographer and investing in the tools I need to do my job with excellence, I’ve grown to discover my WHY behind what I do, and have poured my heart and soul into creating a brand based around loving and serving brides and grooms through one of the most amazing seasons of their lives. It’s been quite the journey, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! The sleepless nights, challenging situations I’ve had to navigate, and hard decisions I’ve had to make have been 100% worth it. I’m confident that this is where God has called me to serve Him for this season of my life, and I have had the opportunity to work with (and become friends with!) some of the most incredible people in the world through it! I went from solely serving the Pensacola area, to traveling all over the country as a destination wedding photographer! I am immensely thankful for ALL of you brides and grooms who have entrusted me with the responsibility of capturing your weddings, and also for the team of amazing industry friends who have been faithfully cheering me on from the start.

When I first decided to use my middle initial, J, in my business name, I did so because I didn’t want to have to rebrand everything if I was still doing this when I got married. When I married Zack a little over a year ago, I gladly took his last name as a part of my new identity as his wife. My middle name still starts with a J, but I’ve never gone by “Taylor J” personally, so keeping that as my business name just doesn’t feel like “me” anymore! I am Taylor Kaderly, and this past year I’ve realized that when you’re a creative entrepreneur, so much of yourself is tangled in with your business! Your heart is in every detail, and it’s hard (and in my case, unnecessary) to try to separate the two identities. My style and branding has developed over the years as I’ve become more and more dedicated to what I do and have grown in my own faith and convictions and understanding of who I am as a person, and a new name for my business needs to go along with my new name as a wife. It felt like the only thing that was missing as I’ve slowly rebranded everything over the past year, so I’m finally taking a leap and making the change!

So here’s to new seasons, new names, and a new year filled with photographing more incredible new couples!!

Much love,


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    Jean Smith - Congratulations and may God bless you more abundantly as you progress in your talent which He gave youReplyCancel

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